The Castaway!!!! Home Away From Home?


This past weekend, the boys and I played a double-header at the Castaway Club, on lake Alexander, near Cushing, MN. What an amazing venue. Great food, great people, great atmosphere, and pretty much a great life in general when you are at the Castaway. We had quite a few friends and family members with us to enjoy the amazing weather and I think I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that it was the highlight of our summer. It truly feels like a magical space to make music in and just enjoy the company of those around you and the generally awesome mood that seems to somehow ooze right out of the walls of this place.

We also were fortunate enough to be treated to an amazingly relaxing pontoon ride, and some of the best homegrown, ranch seasoned, slow cooked in butter mushrooms I ever could dream of. A huge thank you to the Sandstrom clan, Terry and Ardis, and Jarrid and Angie as well for giving us the opportunity to come sample your amazing hospitality and proceed to rock the socks off all in attendance! Can’t wait to come back to the Castaway!!!!!


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