Parade in the rearview….

What a weekend!!! We had such a blast at the Sartell parade, supporting the Sartell Fire Department and their upcoming fundraiser on September 24th. We can’t wait to see y’all out there! (House of Pizza parking lot, Sartell. Music Starts at 5 PM!)


We also want to give a special thanks to Dave, Matt (even though he is a Seahawks fan) and Todd of the fire department for all of their help, as well as everyone else who helped with the day’s events! It was good to see some fans out at the Red Rooster as well! If there is one thing you can count on, its that Genola knows how to have a good time! We definitely had an unforgettable weekend, and we owe much of that to you guys, so here’s to you!

One last shout out: Its been a week since it went down, but we just got some great pictures back of the amazing night we had at the Castaway Club on Lake Alexander, celebrating the upcoming marriage of Jon Jonas and Emily Obermiller. Thanks to Jonas and Emily for being you, and thanks as well to Jerrid Sandstrom for giving us the privilege of playing and partying in that awesome and beautiful place!!

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