The Boys of Summer!!!


Howdy folks!!! Summer’s in full swing with the Gregory James band, and we have had an exciting few weeks!!!

First off, what a great weekend it turned out to be in Granite Falls for the Western Fest!!! We were proud to see the patriotic spirit and enthusiasm of the whole town out in full force with hundreds of fans partying well into the night! From the 10,000 dollar drawing, to the multitudes of dancers (some of which may or may not have stage-dove), to the great rodeo atmosphere, it was certainly a night that the band will never forget!

We have a big weekend lined up: Tonight (Friday, July 1st) we  are coming home to Sauk Rapids to rock our favorite local hotspot, the Benton Station! Its been a while now, and we can’t wait to be back home! Hope to see y’all there!!!

But if you can’t make that one, or just want another dose of GJB, tomorrow, July 2nd we will be at our home away from home, the Castaway Club on Lake Alexander. Last time we were there, the guy in charge of morning cleanup seemed rather impressed by the job we had done, so you can bet it will be a rip roarin’ party on Lake Alexander this Saturday!

After that we have a few weeks off, and then we will be back at the Hideaway in Rockville on July 30th to slap the Gregory James Band exclamation point on another legendary Hideaway meat raffle! If she’s up for it, we’ll even bring Tammy! YEEEE-HAWWWWW!!!!!!


Till next time!

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