-The Country Experience-

Looking back is tough when you have to look forward or you might run into something…. 

That being said, Greggapalooza 2016 is now in the rearview, and it was a MAJOR SUCCESS!!! As anyone who was lucky enough to be there knows, it was a very special event for the band, and an amazing weekend overall for the campers, and attendees of the festivities at the Castaway Bar and Grill on lake Alexander. It went off without a hitch, and we all agreed you can hardly cram more fun into a single weekend.

As always, first and foremost we have to thank Terry and Ardis Sandstrom once again for their amazing generosity in sharing their piece of paradise with us. Waking up to the smell of food cooking is just about the bees knees after a night of stompin’, strummin’, and just plain old fashioned carryin’ on, and there are absolutely no words that can adequately thank them for all they’ve done for us and our friends.

Thanks as well to Jerrid Sandstrom for owning and operating the coolest lakeside bar in the universe, and helping to make Greggapalooza the amazing event it has become! If you missed it this time around, next year will be the 3rd anniversary, and plans are already underway to make it bigger and better than ever!!!!

gjb 2016 (11)

Looking forward, we have ANOTHER CRAZY WEEKEND ahead for GJB fans!!!! For those looking for a great time on a Friday night, check out the Hideaway Bar and Grill in Rockville to see the band in all their glory. Come for the meat raffle, stay for the great Country Tunes!!

Then tomorrow, the band is off to put the exclamation point on RICE DAYSan event we’ve been looking forward to for some time now. We will be playing right after HAYWIRE, and its sure to be one heck of a party!!!! Music goes from 6:00 PM – Midnight!!! Check out their Facebook page for a full schedule of all the great activities! https://www.facebook.com/RiceFunDays/


Till next time!




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