Halloween, and a Free Giveaway!!!!!


Howdy GJB fans!!! Boo!!!!

It’s Halloween, and boy are we busy!!!! This Friday, October 28th we will be playing “Halloween at the Hideaway!!!” in Rockville.


Then, when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the very next day, Saturday, October 29th, we will be finishing up the doubleheader at the Red Rooster in Genola!!!


These are two of our absolute favorite venues to play, and you can bet its going to be a couple of wild shows! The band will be in full costume, and we encourage you to as well!!! (I’ve seen some of the band members’ costumes, and let me tell you: you aren’t going to ever see these doofuses looking quite as ridiculous as you will this weekend!)

There are prizes and specials galore, so prepare for a spooky great time! Oh, and as a side note: anyone who attends BOTH shows this weekend will receive a FREE GREGORY JAMES BAND T-SHIRT!!!!!! YEEHAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!



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