Tammy Rescued!!!!!

The search parties have returned home as tears of joy stream down the faces of loved ones! Tammy James, our original super-fan, and lifelong Gregory James Band groupie has finally returned to the band after 3 weeks in captivity. Rescued by local hero Scott Herold, here we see Tammy, clearly frazzled and in shock, but safe and sound and relieved to be in Scott’s possession.


Scott retrieved her one night from the den of thieves and villains where she was being held hostage, and we believe him to literally be her knight in shining armor.

If you want to see Tammy and ask her about her adventures firsthand, come out to THE BENTON STATION this weekend, on Saturday, March 4th and see the Gregory James Band! This will be Tammy’s first show back, and we couldn’t be more excited. We have several new tunes we have been working on to celebrate her return, so be sure to come join in her welcome home party, this Saturday night! YeeHawww!!!


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