Boot Scootin’ Boogie!!

What an epic weekend in store for local music fans! The band is playing back to back nights on Friday the 5th at Benton Station in Sauk Rapids, and then on Saturday the 6th at the Red Rooster’s crazy outdoor summer bash in Genola!!!! We’ve been waiting a while for this one, and its going to be a wild night, for sure!

One piece of news: Greg had foot surgery this week to correct a lingering problem, and will be bootin’ it for a bit… On the plus side, he can still kick butt with his other foot, and will be blastin’ out soulful and rockin’ country tunes all weekend!!! Join us in wishing Greg a swift and healthy recovery! YeeeHawww!!!!!

See ya soon GJB fans!




Time to Play!!!!

Updated Dates
Howdy folks!

The band has had a few weeks of R & R, spent some quality time with our families, and are ready to get back to doing what we do best… Blastin’ country jams and bringing the party!!!

We have quite a few exciting stops over the next month! We will start at the Hideaway in Rockville on July 30th, and work our way through some of our favorite places to play, coming home to Benton, going to the Red Rooster (its been so long!), heading up to a DOUBLE-HEADER in Cushing, and finally headlining the Rice Days Street dance, a gig we’ve been looking forward to all summer! We can’t wait, and hope to see y’all out there!

Yeeee Haaaawwwww!!!!!!!



The Boys of Summer!!!


Howdy folks!!! Summer’s in full swing with the Gregory James band, and we have had an exciting few weeks!!!

First off, what a great weekend it turned out to be in Granite Falls for the Western Fest!!! We were proud to see the patriotic spirit and enthusiasm of the whole town out in full force with hundreds of fans partying well into the night! From the 10,000 dollar drawing, to the multitudes of dancers (some of which may or may not have stage-dove), to the great rodeo atmosphere, it was certainly a night that the band will never forget!

We have a big weekend lined up: Tonight (Friday, July 1st) we  are coming home to Sauk Rapids to rock our favorite local hotspot, the Benton Station! Its been a while now, and we can’t wait to be back home! Hope to see y’all there!!!

But if you can’t make that one, or just want another dose of GJB, tomorrow, July 2nd we will be at our home away from home, the Castaway Club on Lake Alexander. Last time we were there, the guy in charge of morning cleanup seemed rather impressed by the job we had done, so you can bet it will be a rip roarin’ party on Lake Alexander this Saturday!

After that we have a few weeks off, and then we will be back at the Hideaway in Rockville on July 30th to slap the Gregory James Band exclamation point on another legendary Hideaway meat raffle! If she’s up for it, we’ll even bring Tammy! YEEEE-HAWWWWW!!!!!!


Till next time!

A Voice and a Rodeo!!!!

The VOICE!!!! 

What a week to be a Gregory James Band Fan!!!! Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Greg will be on his way down to the Minneapolis Convention Center to showcase his unique talents alongside several thousand other local singers in an audition for NBC’s “The Voice“. This will not be his first trip to The Voice’s open tryouts; he made it to the second round of auditions in New York as some of you may recall. We are hoping for even more success this time around, and anyone who has had the opportunity to hear Greg sing knows he certainly has a great chance! Good luck Greg! Give em your soul cowboy!!!!!


Not our first RODEO!!!

We also have the privilege of being able to play the street dance for the Western Fest at the Granite Falls Rodeo this Saturday night! This will be our second consecutive year playing after the rodeo in Granite Falls at the American Legion. The crowd and atmosphere last year were AMAZING, and we have been looking forward to tomorrow’s show for quite a while now. Music starts at 9 PM, and we will definitely have some Rockin’ Country blasting well into the night!! Its sure to be a great time, so if you’re in that neck of the woods, come on out! YeeHaw!!!!

Till next time!!



GJB @ The Hideaway in Rockville, June 18th!!!

Greg Schultz, frontman of the Gregory James Band doin’ what he does best:>

If you want to see more of Greg’s amazing solo work, come out to Brother’s Bar and Grill in Saint Cloud on Wednesday nights from 9:30-12:30, and the Upper Deck Sports Bar just off of Highway 10 in Sartell on Thursday nights from 8 till 11. He does NOT disappoint.

If you want the full blown rockin’ country band experience, come see the Gregory James Band live at the Hideaway in Rockville this Saturday, June 18th! We always have a blast at the Hideaway, and couldn’t be more excited to run that party right into the morning hours! Music starts at 8:30.

Parade in the rearview….

What a weekend!!! We had such a blast at the Sartell parade, supporting the Sartell Fire Department and their upcoming fundraiser on September 24th. We can’t wait to see y’all out there! (House of Pizza parking lot, Sartell. Music Starts at 5 PM!)


We also want to give a special thanks to Dave, Matt (even though he is a Seahawks fan) and Todd of the fire department for all of their help, as well as everyone else who helped with the day’s events! It was good to see some fans out at the Red Rooster as well! If there is one thing you can count on, its that Genola knows how to have a good time! We definitely had an unforgettable weekend, and we owe much of that to you guys, so here’s to you!

One last shout out: Its been a week since it went down, but we just got some great pictures back of the amazing night we had at the Castaway Club on Lake Alexander, celebrating the upcoming marriage of Jon Jonas and Emily Obermiller. Thanks to Jonas and Emily for being you, and thanks as well to Jerrid Sandstrom for giving us the privilege of playing and partying in that awesome and beautiful place!!

Sartell Parade!!


Howdy Folks!!!!

We’ve got quite the weekend coming up in the Gregory James Band camp! Kicking it off, on Saturday, the morning of June 11th, we will be pulled behind a giant fire truck from the Sartell Fire Department and blasting out great country tunes in support of our upcoming gig for the Sartell Fire Relief Association. This fundraising dance will take place outdoors at the House of Pizza parking lot in Sartell on Saturday September 24th at 5:00 PM, and should be an absolute blast!!!!


The parade this Saturday starts at 10:00 AM, and if you are there, be sure to snap some pictures and post them on our facebook page!!!

If you are looking for a good time later on Saturday, come out to the Red Rooster in Genola, where the band will be kickin’ it off at 9:00, and playing till 1:00 in the morning. Its always a great and rowdy time in Genola at the Rooster!!!!!

Till next time!


The Castaway!!!! Home Away From Home?


This past weekend, the boys and I played a double-header at the Castaway Club, on lake Alexander, near Cushing, MN. What an amazing venue. Great food, great people, great atmosphere, and pretty much a great life in general when you are at the Castaway. We had quite a few friends and family members with us to enjoy the amazing weather and I think I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that it was the highlight of our summer. It truly feels like a magical space to make music in and just enjoy the company of those around you and the generally awesome mood that seems to somehow ooze right out of the walls of this place.

We also were fortunate enough to be treated to an amazingly relaxing pontoon ride, and some of the best homegrown, ranch seasoned, slow cooked in butter mushrooms I ever could dream of. A huge thank you to the Sandstrom clan, Terry and Ardis, and Jarrid and Angie as well for giving us the opportunity to come sample your amazing hospitality and proceed to rock the socks off all in attendance! Can’t wait to come back to the Castaway!!!!!


Gregory James Band at the Red Carpet!!!!!

Red CarpetThe Boys and I took the stage last night for our first ever experience playing the main stage at the Red Carpet Nightclub in Saint Cloud, Minnesota!!!!

Having spent many nights captivated by huge, talented bands such as Johnny Holmes, Semisonic, Johnny Lang, and Hairball, to name a few, this was obviously a pretty cool thing for us, and it was every bit as amazing as expected! Tons of people made it out, and it was really neat to hear everyone going through the great sound system they have there!

Seems like the bar did well, and I know we had a good time, so it feels like the beginning of a great relationship. We’ll be back soon I think!!!!



Photo Shoot

This past week we did our first photo shoot! The guys got together and walked around industrial Waite Park and near the Sauk River looking for any areas that screamed “Country”. Nicolette Ufkin worked her magic as the photographer and we posted the pictures on our Facebook page.

In related news the band is coming up on the 500 fan mark on Facebook! Please keep sharing pictures and comments! We appreciate everything you have to say! And while you are there vote on your favorite “Frank” belt buckle. He needs help picking out the one that is most country!