Hey everybody!

I know its been a while since our last blog, but we’ve been so stinkin’ busy there’s hardly time for basic hygiene, much less internettin’!!!!

We have had a crazy series of shows over the last few weeks:

-An AMAZING time at Rice Days, a show that none of us will ever forget!

We have some absolutely incredible footage we are still assembling into a compilation video that we will post soon. (thanks to Heather Cavanaugh and John Sawatzke for the video and audio!) This town knows how to get down, and we truly made some great memories that night. We can’t wait for next year! YEEHAWWWW!!!!!!!

-A WILD night at the Red Rooster in Genola, a place that knows how to party like no other. Such a blast at the Rooster…. CHICKS GONE WHEELIN is comin’, October 1st!!! Ladies, if you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to!

We still are recovering from last year’s event, and trust me guys, a bar full of hard partyin’ country girls is nothing you want to miss out on. 🙂 Music starts after the event at 9 PM.

-A HEARTFELT show at the Hideaway in Rockville. We are so fortunate that the Welle’s put up with us, and let us join in their amazing atmosphere and community at the Hideaway. We love you guys!!!!

-And last but not least, a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Saint Joseph. Thanks Alex and Marie Hess. You guys have some amazing families. We are so happy you let us share in your celebration!


Sawyer Brown!!!

On Friday the 23rd, at the Benton Station’s annual tent event, we will share the stage with Diamondback, and the great Sawyer Brown!!! (And yes, in the heading I made “Brown” brown. I couldn’t resist…. 🙂 We are all big Sawyer Brown fans, so we are very excited! Music starts at 7, and if you don’t have tickets yet, you can get them in advance at Benton Station Bar and Grill for 25$. They are selling quick, and there are only so many, so get em while they’re hot!

We play at 7, and then after Sawyer Brown, we play again on the main stage inside the bar, with Diamondback. Come for some Brown, and stay for some JAMES!!!!!

It’s going to be an absolute BLAST! YEEEEE HAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, on Saturday September 24, we are playing at the first annual…

Sartell Fire Fighter’s Fundraiser!!!

We are very excited to have been given the privilege to help support this great organization and join in this party with the whole Sartell community! We will be sharing the stage with Levi Pelzer, and the event kicks off at 5:00 in the Sartell House of Pizza Parking lot. You may have seen our float in the Sartell parade promoting this event, so you know we have been looking forward to it for quite a while now! Tickets are 15$ in advance, or 20$ at the door, and can be obtained from  either the Saint Cloud or Sartell House of Pizzas, Sartell City Hall, or any Sartell Firefighter. There will be food, fun, and prizes as well. Check out the Facebook link above for more info.

Till next time!







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